2023 retro

It was a very good year

Saturday 30 December 2023

Here’s a rundown of things I did in 2023:

  • I proposed to Lila on a beach at sunset in Portugal and she said yes.
  • My time at CastRooms came to an end, which I’ll elaborate on soon.
  • I got my second and third tattoos. And finances permitting, I’ll have a fair few more next year
  • Took up running again thanks to Couch to 5k and got up to running about 7k. Sickness messed that schedule up in December but hopefully 2024 allow me to get back into it.
  • We did a lot of work to the house, including getting into The Safe. It’s very nearly done, as long as you don’t count finishing a room, skirting boards, or internal doors.
  • I read and finished 5 books. Not a lot compared to others, but 5 more than previous years - Dune, Dune Messiah, A Modern Way to Live, The Clean Coder, and Human Origins: 7 million years and counting. There’s a couple of half finished books that I want to finish off soon too.
  • Lila had some surgery early in the year so we didn’t travel too much. When I went to ElixirConf EU, she came out and we stayed another week. We also had a weekend break to Magaluf for my birthday, which is an extremely strange place.
  • Festival wise, we got to go to Bangface, Boomtown Fair, and Field Day. A good year for festivals, but might try and do something else next year, or the year after.


  • I got a new job at Sona and start in the New Year. I’m excited to be part of a team again and happy to be working on a product with existing and regular users.
  • We’re getting married and our planning has went as far as the venue, but that’s the important bit, right?