Monthnotes: April 2023


Monday 1 May 2023

I started writing this straight after my last one. That’s some personal growth right there. I did only manage this sentence, but still.


Rough times with Svelte. I’m doing some funky stuff with video and WebSockets over at CastRooms, but with downtime in product planning I tackled some tech debt and decided to port our big React component to a SvelteKit app. It was going well, until I ran into problems with videos freezing. I’m almost certain that React’s explicit rerenders and Svelte’s implicit rerenders are the difference causing the issue. Once I get this figured out, it’ll make a good blog post.

Hyper mobile

I started running again recently with a Couch to 5k app. I messed my ankle up right at the start of Covid by going from running 5k to running 10k overnight. I used to run 10k every few days and thought I could do it again easily, but I ended up unable to walk for a few days.

This time, I’m taking things slowly and building my tolerance back up. I finished week 5 just before I went to Portugal.

It’s nice being able to run again. I’ve missed the solitude and the nature.


ElixirConf EU 2023 was on in Lisbon this year. I stayed for an extra week afterwards. Lila joined me for lots of walking, eating, drinking and chilling on the beach. And we got engaged, which is amazing.

A great city, and we have a great reason to go back now.


  • Barbarian is a great horror film about an AirBnb. Perfect to watch before we stayed in one in Lisbon.
  • Beef was great. Go watch it.
  • All Quiet on The Western Front was harrowing, but I’m glad we watched it.
  • Jurassic World Dominion was absolute mess.

I’m still logging everything at Letterboxd.


  • Destiny 2: Lightfall has some of the worst plot of the world of Destiny so far, but the guns still feel amazing and the multiplayer is great. I’m enjoying it, but sometimes it’s a pain in the arse when you get killed with a gun that can only be obtained by a high level raid.
  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a game I’ve tried before, but the janky controls and animations made me give up. I’m trying it again, but I might just watch a recap before the sequel.
  • I started Metroid Prime Remastered a few weeks ago, but only just finished the tutorial. I picked it up again this weekend and I’m enjoying it. Some of the gameplay and quality of life features are a bit dated. I’m sure in 2002 it was mind blowing.