Here's to The Naysayers


Tuesday 9 July 2024

In 1972 a report was published on humanity’s impact on the Earth. The report outlined how, given the current trajectory of economic and exponential population growth, humanity’s use of finite resources would eventually cause our systems to collapse. The Limits to Growth was written by a group of researchers who were commissioned by a group called the Club of Rome.

The Limits to Growth was a wake up call. In retrospect, it’s easy to see how right the writers of The Limits to Growth were, but many people and corporations rallied against it. They worked to silence and discredit the team behind it.

Tipping Point is a podcast that chronicles the origins, publication, and impact of the study. I listened to it a few months ago and it has really stuck with me.

It’s difficult, hearing that things so impactful to us now were obvious to a select few. They tried to tell the World, but the World didn’t want to listen.

Listen to Tipping Point. Share it with others and tell the world. Maybe things have a chance of not ending up so fucked as we think?

Honourable mentions

I haven’t posted in a while, so there’s a lot to mention.

  • Fallout the show, made me go back to Fallout 4. It’s good, but some bad game design decisions forced me to pick a specific side. Fuck The Institute, without them the Railroad is meaningless, the Minutemen are annoying, and so the only logical choice to stop The Institute is the Brotherhood of Steel.
  • After listening to too many podcasts about imminent global collapse, I started listening to Three Bean Salad. I loved it so much, but it felt like nonsense so I went all the way back to the start from 2021.
  • I was lucky to go to Kneecap’s album launch party in Dalston. It was wild. Fine Art has been on repeat since then. It’s an incredible selection of music from three of the finest lads West Belfast has ever produced.
  • The next night I also went to see their film, which is also incredible. Maybe I’m biased, but it deserves all the praise it’ll get on general release in August.
  • Shogun is as good as everyone said.
  • I’ve fallen behind on reading at least 1 book every month this year. Pathogenesis has crept into July. It’s a great book though and I can’t stop telling everyone about it.

Something personal

I’m getting married this month! It’s very exciting, stressful, and expensive. I can’t wait.